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Located in Sri Lanka, Borneo Exotics propagates the widest variety of Nepenthes of any facility in the world and is continuously selectively breeding new and more horticulturally desirable hybrids and cultivars, using entirely state-of-the-art and conservation-friendly techniques. To date we have bred more than 2,000 different hybrids and carefully selected the best of them to multiply in sterile culture in our laboratories, before are transferring them to our nursery facilities to be grown-on prior to commercial release.

We have more than seventy dedicated and highly trained staff, lead by the world's pioneering authorities in the field of Nepenthes cultivation. Our staff have worked in some cases for nearly 20 years with unparalleled loyalty, to enable the Company to create and produce the widest range of the finest quality Nepenthes available anywhere in the world - as attested by multiple Gold Medals at shows such as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show..

Gold Medal at Hampton Court!

We were thrilled and honoured to be awarded a coveted Gold Medal at the July 2013 Hampton Court PalaceFlower Show in London. Here are a few sample photos and there are many more linked from the Galleries page.

Message from the Directors

"Up until the early 20th century, Nepenthes were hugely popular in cultivation, on a par with orchids, but after the onset of the 1st World War, they were almost totally lost to cultivation and largely forgotten until the early 1980's. We're now seeing an enormous renaissance of interest in Nepenthes, and at a particularly exciting time, when technology makes it possible to cultivate unlimited numbers of plants without in any way negatively impacting wild populations.

Much of our effort is directed towards producing horticulturally selected individuals and new hybrids, exhibiting beautiful characteristics and ease of growth never seen before. We're happy to be leading the way towards the goal of making these wonderful plants universally available, in much the same way as happened with orchids more than a century ago. The R&D has been done, there's a rewarding road ahead and we're up to the challenge!"